Utama Spice - Begone Bug, small

Balinese craftsmen


This is Utama Spice’s totally natural incense sticks. They’re all created using locally sourced spices and herbs, lovingly hand rolled in a Balinese Temple. These incense sticks contains no chemicals or glue in any way, which means that when you light them they’ll spread a natural aroma in the air with a scent that’s not too strong.
Utama Spice’s incenses are made by an ancient traditional formula that comes from Balinese medicine men.

Begone Bug incense contains powerful natural insect repellents that will yell “Begone Bug’ in a language they understand.

This incense contains a blend of flowers, barks, herbs, oils, nuts & spices using no synthetic or endangered plants. Wrapped in recycled paper. Hand made with fair trading and internature principles.

Small box, with incense holder: 6 sticks, length – ca 14 cm