Natural MISTic Lock Deodorizer & Fragrance Spray, Cedar Spruce

Knotty Boy


Knotty Boy Natural MISTic Lock Deodorizer & Fragrance Spray -

Not-so-fresh to cleaner sweeter-smelling locks — instantly!

Finally - a way to clean your locks without stepping anywhere near the shower! This powerful Hair Deodorizer and Shampoo-less Cleanser utilizes Silver Citrate to refresh ALL hair types byeliminating odour-causing bacteria immediately upon contact. Like a fabric freshener for your hair!

A special blend of Fruit and Botanical Oils and Extracts nourish & recondition damaged hair, seal follicles and keep locks fresh longer between washings, all while infusing them with a light, lasting fragrance!

Available in three tantalizing scents

  • Satsuma Spritz — This succulent, tangy spritz smells just like digging your nails into a plump & juicy orange!

  • Cedar Spruce —  Crisp, clean & theraupeutic, this spray conjures up images of being in the deep, lush forest surrounded by towering ancient cedars & pine needles dancing in the breeze.

  • Waterfall — Bright, flowery & fresh like a pristine, cooling waterfall rushing down a moutain side in a tropical jungle.

Not only is Knotty Boy Natural MISTic a highly effective deodorizer, it's also what's known as an acidifier - a type of conditioner in which the acidic nature of its combined ingredients (Silver Citrate, Vinegar, Fruit Extracts, Vitamin C, etc.) makes hair more supple and helps hair retain colour!

Ingredients include botanical extracts of Rosemary, Grapeseed, Bilberry, Sugar Cana, Sugar Maple, Orange, Lemon and moisturizing blends of Aloe Vera, Soy, Wheat and Corn Proteins, and Vitamins B and C. This unique combination of ingredients refreshes hair and scalp, while imparting essential nutrients to keep hair healthy and prevent breakage during the locking process. All-natural; no artificial chemicals or additives

sustainable dreadlock product

Directions: Shake well. Spritz onto scalp and locks to refresh, cleanse and deodorize.

Other uses our Knotty Boy team has found for this product: air & fabric freshener, armpit deodorant, kitty litter deodorizer, stinky shoe eliminator, that weird-vintage-store smell eliminator, car freshener and pretty much anything else that needs a little refreshing!

Dreadlock product not tested on animals



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