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If you want to try to make your own dreadlocks the Knotty Boy Dreadlock Starter Kit is the only thing that you need to learn to make your dreadlocks, and maybe some patience and a helping hand.

sustainable dreadlock product

Knotty Boy Starter Kit features:

1 Knotty Boy Dreadlock Wax, 4oz (choose light or dark)

1 Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo Bar

1 Professional plastic dread comb

1 New and improved ‘How to Dread’ instruction brochure

1 Shower cap

2 Jumbo Knotty Boy stickers

1 Knotty Boy Bee Washed Pre-Dreading and De-Waxing Soap

All rolled into the nifty Knotty Boy natural-cotton drawstring bag!

If you are thinking of making your own dreads, or help your friend with his or her dreadlocks, I highly recommend watching Knotty Boys instruction video on how to make your own dreadlocks.

Dreadlock product not tested on animals


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Do you hesite to make your own dreadlocks so you can always come to our dreadlock salon Seienstyle in Stockholm, and get your dreadlocks done by a professional dreadlock hairdresser.Ann-Marie has more of a 10-year working experience in working with dreadlocks and are specially trained in the field.

 Here you will also find a description in English how you can make your own dreadlocks using Knotty Boys starter kit!Many feel that they want to embark on making their own dreadlocks. It is a real adventure to embark on, here you will find some instructions on how to do this using the Knotty Boys starter kits to make your own dreads.

This is the instructions that come with knotty boys starter kit and it is their methods on how to make your own dreads as I describe here.

This should read before you begin!

We want to remind you one last time before heading out to do your own dreadlock what it means to have dreads and also what you can experience when you have dreads and how to take care of them.Everyone thinks it's so easy to get great looking dreads and does not at all require a lot of care one must be aware that it does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of patience and time to get them really nice and sometimes it can even take years. You should also prepare you will have a dreads that have their own life for a while until your new-made dreads starts dread by them selves.


This should especially you who have mind than 15cm really consider to dreadlocks will be that they stand out for a while. Although it has shorter hair so dreads have a tendency to unravel  faster and requires little more work than if you have a little longer hair.But sometimes it can be that be that do dreads on shorter hair makes them usually becomes stronger and tighter faster. But all this depends of course on what type of hair you have and how much you work with your dreadlocks. Then you must also be aware that people will have opinions about your dreadlocks and some jobs might not think it's quite ok.If you understand all of this and feel that you want to start making your dreads, you will do even well to do them with the help of knotty boys dreadlocks products. Knotty Boys Dreadlocks products allow dreadprossessen becomes much less painful and speed up process by tying them new soft dreadsen together so that they get a good start. After using knotty boys dreadlocks wax, you'll notice that your new dreadlocks gets tighter and tighter faster.The wax does is to cause the hair to understand it to grow up in every single dreadlock. They're going to be real solid dreadlocks. But you're not there yet and it requires a lot of work to get there. If it feels a little weird at first, remember it gets better with time and get yourself a nice hat or headband to wear while you may think it feels a bit odd. But before you know it, you've grown accustomed to your dreadlocks, and you're bound to have people around you who are envious of your dreads. 

Before you start making your deadlocks so you should get this:

A PLEASANT friend with good patience or why not five friends who can help you make your dreads, especially as you need to back of your mind, you have not exactly pair of eyes. A jar of  knotty boys dreadlocks vax

A strong comb, make sure it's tight between the spikes

An old towel that you can wipe your sticky wax hands on.

Some hair clips, hair band, rubber band helps to have in order to keep the sections apart

Knotty boys pree dreadlock soap bar

Your favorite music list, all to your dreadlocks today are faster.

A camera to take before and after pictures, it's also fun to take a picture every now and then to see how dreadsen developed. At one month, half-year, you will see a big difference.

Another tip is to start by looking at these two videos you'll find on this page, it is knotty boy who has made a declaration step by step on how to make your own dreads. You get lots of tips and tricks in it so that we can really recommend that you look at. 

When you feel ready, it's time to make your dreads!

What you start with is to find and jump into the shower and remove and wash your hair with knotty boy pree dreadlock shampoo soap, it will remove all the oils from your hair and make so that it becomes rougher and backcombing etc will get caught very quickly. You should also dry your hair very carefully so that it is tort snuff before you start. Another tip to make it easier is if you have very curly hair so you can take and flatten your hair with a flat iron so that it is easier to divide the hair and have some control over the curls. 

1 begin by sectioning your hair, you can choose to make square boxes in brick bits information or you can start at the neck and just take parts of the hair that you feel will be a good dreadlock. However, you should bear in mind that they should be fairly symmetrical so that it is easier to maintain them. Depending on what type of hair you have and how thick hair you can choose how thick dreads you want. You should also remember to take as much hair in all places all over the head, you do not want to end up with having giant thin dreads on the right side of the head and really thick dreads on the left side.

Want a little thinner dreads so it tends to be good as dimensions have four dreads in a row in the neck portion at the bottom of the neck. Are you ready for a thicker so do 2-3 dreads on the bottom neck hair. Something to remember is that all the hair that is in the hairline is always abit hard to dread and they usually have less small hair and it can be difficult to get into the little hair. But you have to struggle a bit more just to get the judgment hairs. If you have short hair when you make your dreads so do a little thinner dreads for they will hold together better. But do not worry they will become thicker over time as they mature into themselves.

Take the first section of hair that will be your age the first dreadlock, use your comb and backcomb the section of hair. Use even while when you backcomb and ensure you of a smooth shape. Start backcomb first part of scalp and when it starts to get really tight in backcombing at the scalp so you can move further and further away from the head and continues with backcombing face-off all the way out to the tips of your hair. Backcombing is a possess of combing the hair towards scalp and what happens is that you create small little knots of hair when the comb against the scalp to the hair .. It is important that the part closest to the scalp becomes backcomb really well for where the hair has a tendency to dissociate themselves very easy also because the dread must understand that when it grows out and you get an outgrowth of your dreadlocks it to dread faster.

3. So time to move on, backcomb the section of hair and continue until you feel satisfied with the result. Remember it will happen  an even and fine form dreadlocks. Now is the time to start palm roll this lump of teased hair soon to be formed into a dreadlock. You take the hair places it between your palms and rub your palms against each other and lets dreadlock scroll back and forth doing this from the scalp to the ends. This will cause the dread becomes tighter and more cylindrical dreadlocks. You may be surprised how much less your first dreadlocks is against your own hair in general especially if you have thin, fine hair. This is common and nothing to worry about. Another thing you should keep in mind is to backcomb and roll your dreads between your palms can cause some tenderness in the scalp and can feel very much after a while. But you want to be nice, you get to suffer pin. It may help if you take a tablet before main works and also keep in mind that you should feel good the rest of the body facilitates the threshold of pain a lot. Do you feel you are about to become ill, sagging or otherwise, and you know you're hair sore so postpone dread making to a day when you feel better, it will not feel as much.

4. Time to open the wax jar! Open knotty boy dreadlock wax mills and remove the safety cap. Knotty Boys Dreadlocks wax has a soothing scent of clover fields and fresh beeswax, soon all your hair smell of this lovely fragrance. The mills will feel that the surface is hard you can either take a fingernail, teaspoon, one the of a pin comb to break the hard surface. Soften dreadlocks wax between your fingertips so that it becomes soft and a bit sticky so that it can easily be applied your dreadlocks. The knotty boys dreadlocks wax is so hard to make it dries into dreadlocks once you have it in your hair, which is worth a little extra work when you have the den.

5. Now it's time to apply the wax on your dreadlocks almost finished dreadlocks. Take a small piece of wax such as the size of a pea on your finger (the wax should be soft and make sure there are no lumps in it) work in dreads wax in your new teased dreadlocks, start to work the wax through rolling dreadlock between thumb and forefinger and the easiest is to start this movement at the root of the hair and slowly move towards the top of your dreadlocks. Continue to take more wax when you feel that it's time to stock up on more. It's great if you work in the real properly in dread. But remember dreadlock should not feel like a hard candy cane when you are ready, then you have used too much wax. It is better to use too little dreadlocks wax and then fill in when you feel like it. Once you have made some dreads, you'll get used to how much wax to use and if it feels right or wrong.

6. Now is the time to repeat all these steps on each dreadlock, sectioning, backcombing, roll and then apply dreadlock wax. This will be your / your mantra for the day. It might not take you / you all day to do dread but between 3-10 hours is what is common sense takes to do dreads in a completely hair. One tip when you are finished with your dreadlocks is to take a hair dryer and enter the wax in your dreads. This will make the wax dry faster in dreadsen and gives it better stability.

Tips for maintaining your new dreadlocks

After your first attempt to get dreadlocks, it's time to re-enter wax your dreadlocks with knotty boys dreadlocks wax do this about 2 times a week or do it when you feel it is time to get more charter dreadsen if you think that they are getting too soft in some place or start to go up altogether. This is important to do especially the first two months. Another tip is to regularly palm roll your dreadlocks that makes them stick together and feels tight. If you feel that they begin to come apart at any point when you just have a little more wax and then palm roll, there is a sense palm roll as much as possible. Another tip is to take your index finger and middle finger and place the root of dreadlock between your fingers and then rub in a circular motion at the root to get root to understand that there will also tangle faster at the scalp. Remember the wax is to have your hair teased to understand that it should grow up by itself in each individual dread but the wax so it can happen that it only gets to act as glue.

Less is more!

At first you will feel that your dreads feel a bit silly and sticky on top of the head. It's nothing to worry about they will get better as soon as they nag to him and settles down a bit more. They also wipes out after a while and stickiness settles. It's also just the beginning of that you have your dreadlocks then you should use a larger amount of wax that diminishes later. After those first three weeks, you can take and wash your newly made dreads, if it feels too hard for a week so you can start washing your hair back then but it is good if you can wait about three weeks just to get your hair to understand it to get stuck in this mold. 

What to do when you should wash your dreadlocks:

You will notice when the time has elapsed, you will not have to wax your dreads as often. A important thing to remember is that your dreads must always be bone dry when you apply the wax. There should be no moisture in them at all when you put on it if it makes it so you can nest the moisture in your hair and it can create mold. One wants most of all to avoid your hair starts to smell bad, and you risk you have to take off your dreads.

After three months, so you can replace dreadlocks wax against knotty boys tropical tightening gel to keep the dread process, getting dreadlocks to tight to it and getting down frizzignes as can be. But one important thing to remember whether you choose to use these products, it is important to remember that palm rolling / palmroll your dreadlocks regularly. This request that they get firmer faster and look better faster.

A good mantra to have in the back of your head. =)

It is also good to have a pillow case on your pillow that is not the nicest thing you have or to add a junk towel on your pillow for it not to be destroyed with grease stains that can be when you have dreadlocks wax the hair. If you have a little longer dreads so it is good to begin to set them up in a ponytail or knot for not having them in your face while you sleep. If you have short dreads so it might be good to have some sort of cap, hair band, nylon sock to remove dreadlocks from your face when you sleep. This can also affect a little more to dreadlocks settles down faster.

If you feel that three weeks is way too long to wait to wash your dreadlocks and if you exercise and sweat a lot dont worry we sell  knotty boys  amazing cooling spray that removes odor and cool the scalp and you will get a different scent on hair.

After the first month has passed, you can start by washing your dreadlocks regularly, once a week is a good routine to get into. Come to use a shampoo that is made ​​for dreadlocks, use a regular shampoo it will counteract the dread process and it may happen that there will be a lot of loose hair on the side and the dread sense motchore process takes much much longer. First washes are good to use warm water when you wash your dreadlocks because they will hold together better. When it's been a month so you can take and make use of hot water again. A very important rule is when you wash your dreads clear so make sure to always keep an eye on them to dry thoroughly. Let them air dry or blow dry them dry. Most of all, avoid stop them in a hat to dry or to put you to sleep with wet dreadlocks. If you neglect them dry too slowly, there is a risk that your dreads will smell wet dog in the long term and this would be most of all avoid.

There is an incredible amount of tips and tricks when it comes to dreads, knottyboy who has developed these products have a comprehensive variety of tips on how to take care of their dreads on entire site is in English, you can also find on our website and a variety of dreadlocks tips and more are on the way so stay tuned =) 


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