Dreadlock jewelery with a turtle and a turquoise bead



Are you looking for a very special piece of dreadlock jewlery?

This is our Dreadlock jewelery with a turtle and a turquoise bead, it will make your dreadlocks pop  and you will get a lot of aws for sure.

This piece of dreadlock jewellery is made and designed by Ann-Marie one of the owners of Dreadstuff. Her thoughts about this piece are: I’ve always been amazed by the lovely chreatchers as sea turtles, seeing them in the wild oceans while diving and snorkelling just takes my breath away. They are so peace full and calm and just hanging around in the big ocean. This made me wanting to design a turtle dreadlock jewellery to honour all sea turtles that are out there.

Size: The hole size 2cm / 1cm works great if you have bigger size dreadlocks

Note this is a limited edition dreadlock jewery make sure to buy it before it’s gone!

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