Dread Empire's Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Dread Empire


This is Dread Empire’s Dreadlock Shampoo Bar.

This shampoo bar is perfect to wash your dreadlocks with because it controls the oils in your hair and helps your dreadlocks to lock and make them clean and nice.
It’s filled with essential oils to help eliminate dandruff and an itchy scalp that so many dreadheads have a problem with.

The shampoo is filled with peppermint and rosemary oil that not only makes your hair clean but also smell fresh and feel nice.

Dread Empire’s shampoo bar is also free from Lauryl Sulphates.
It is Eco friendly and made in Australia.

The size is: 200 grams

Saponified Oil of Coconut, Saponified Oil of Castor Bean, Hemp Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil.

Soak your dreadlocks in water so that they are wet all the way thru, take the shampoo soap bar and massage the soap bar directly to your scalp.
You will notice that it will lather a lot directly and just massage the lather around in your dreadlocks
It’s easy to notice if you need to put some more shampoo on your dreadlocks because you will get a tingling feeling in the scalp when it’s on your head.
Don’t be afraid to massage the scalp to get your dreads clean all the way down to the root and to get your scalp a great rub.
This helps you get rid of flakes and other skin deposits that is normal to get when you have dreadlocks, unless you give them a great scrub!

You can leave the shampoo in your hair a while before you start to rinse it out. Remember that the rinsing part is the most important part of washing your dreadlocks.
You have to check that you get all the shampoo out of the dreadlocks so it doesn’t dry into them.
When you are finished with the rinsing part you can, while standing in the shower, twist and squeeze your dreadlocks to get as much water out of them that you can so they will dry quicker.
Take a towel and wrap your dreadlocks up and it will absorb most of the water.
You can either let your dreads be and let them air dry or you can blow dry them until they are dry.
The most important thing is that you get them to dry all the way thru before you wash them again.

How often can I wash my dreadlocks?

You will soon find a rhythm that works for your dreadlocks, but we recommend that you at least wash your dreadlocks about once a week. You will notice that if you do this on a regular basis your dreadlocks will dread faster and become tighter.

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