Dread Empire's Dread Dust/lock peppa

Dread Empire


Dread Dust is Dread Empire's answer to Dreadhead HQ's Lock Peppa except you get 7 times the amount. With the exact same ingredients as Lock Peppa, Dread Dust delivers the exact same performance!

This amazing little pot of powder encourages the straightest of hair to bind, lock and knot. Whether your dreads are just starting out of you need help getting your new growth to lock up, you'll be amazed at the results. Just a light sprinkle of dread dust will texturize the hair strands causing them to knot in a fraction of the time.

Dread Dust works best in clean, dry dreads. For the ultimate result, wash with a Dread Shampoo, spray dreads with Dreadlock Accelerator and allow to air dry. Shake a little Dread Dust onto a hard surface. Use finger tips to apply directly to loose hair just before dread balling or clockwise rubbing.

The Dread Dust makes it a sinch to create dreads from scratch too! Sprinkle a little Dread Dust onto the comb before back combing... remember less is more here. Once you get familiar with how well your hair dreads, you can increase the amount of Dread Dust you use.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Alcohol, Silicone Dioxide, Rosin, Bentonite

Size: 35gms


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