Dollylocks Dreadlock Refreshening Spray – Lavender Sky "Limited Edition"



Lightly moisturizing and very refreshing!
A perfect blend of Organic Coconut Water, Pure Plant Extracts, Organic and Essential Oils.
These stimulating ingredients are combined for a perfect “in-between shampooing” spray.
Designed to stimulate scalp, hydrate dreadlocks and awaken your senses!
Perfect for itchy, flaky scalps - this will leave your scalp and dreadlocks feeling clean, fresh, and very happy!

How to Use:
Shake well. Spray on to scalp and dreadlocks, wet or dry.
Use daily, weekly or as often as you would like.

sustainable dreadlock product

Coconut Water*, Distilled Spring Water, Avocado Oil*, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Hempseed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, 100% Pure Essential Oils*, Plant Extracts* - *ORGANIC

Size: 8 oz

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