Dollylocks - Dreadlock “Dry Shampoo” Locking Powder – Light/Blonde



4 oz Dreadlock “Dry Shampoo” Locking Powder – Light/Blonde

A combination of dry organic ingredients designed to absorb excess oil, stimulate the scalp and help lock up loose unruly hair. Perfect for any hair type. Your scalp will feel refreshed, dreadlocks tight and oily hair a thing of the past.

To Use: Lightly sprinkle powder directly onto scalp – or into hand using fingers to apply to scalp. Gently rub powder into scalp in a circular motion to disperse powder and distribute into new growth. Use sparingly, applying in small amounts; until the desired amount is achieved.

sustainable dreadlock product

Ingredients: Corn Starch*, GF Oat Flour*, Tapioca, Rosin, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Bentonite Clay, Tea Tree Extract* and Spearmint Extract*, Iron Oxide

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