• Dollylocks - Dreadlock Conditioning Oil – Unscented
  • Dollylocks - Dreadlock Conditioning Oil – Unscented
  • Dollylocks - Dreadlock Conditioning Oil – Unscented
  • Dollylocks - Dreadlock Conditioning Oil – Unscented

Dollylocks - Dreadlock Conditioning Oil – Unscented


Are your dreadlocks over a year old and you are in that stage of your dreadlock process when you feel that your dreadlocks are starting to become itchy and dry?

Then you should try out Dollylocks Patchouli fields conditioning oil and you will feel that your dreadlock will have new life again!


So what makes this a great dreadlock product?

It will revitalize, repair and maintain your scalp and also build up your dry dreadlocks so they feel great and healthy again.

It will help your dreads to become stronger so they will be healthy longer and prevent future breakage.

Remember dry dreadlocks will not last for years and years so make sure that you moister your dreads so you will have long lasting dreadlocks.

Do you have a dry scalp and dandruff? This will help you, apply this conditioning oil directly on your scalp 2-3 hours before washing your dreadlocks with a dreadlock shampoo. The dreadlock conditioning oil has anti-viral and anti bacterial properties that will help you get fresh and healthy dreadlocks.


sustainable dreadlock product

Who is this for? 

Do you have dreadlocks that are older than one year and that have started the maturing process, if they are younger than this then we highly recommend that you wait with trying out this product.

Do you have blond dreadlocks that you bleach and put harsh chemicals on? Then you should really use this product on a regular basis to help build up and moisturise your dreadlocks again.

If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, then you should try out the super effective scalp treatment that you can do with help of this product.


What is the scent like?

The scent is the one that is uncented, it ha a small toutch of scent in it but it is not strong. 

How to use it:

Take an small amount on your hands and rubb your hands towards each other and apply the dreadlock conditioning oil on your dreadlocks. You will feel when you need to apply more but make sure not to over do it. 

Use ut when you feel it’s needed. Do you need an intense repair apply to dry dreadlocks on a daily basis.


How is this liquid dreadlock conditioning oil made?

This conditioning oil is handmade in small batches with a lot of love. Dollylocks dreadlock products are organic, residue- free, cruelty- free, vegan and great for dreadlocks and all types of hair types and textures.


More about Dollylocks: Dollylocks Professional Organic Dreadlock Products are handcrafted with love in small batches in St. Petersburg, Florida in USA. They have developed their dreadlock product line to be organic, residue-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and optimal for dreadlocks of all hair types and textures.The base foundation for their dreadlock products is derived from organic coconut, and from there we add only the finest and most pure ingredients and essential oils. Dollylocks uses absolutely NO: Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Artificial Preservatives, MEA/DEA Dyes, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Gluten, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Menthyl Sulfate, or GMOs. Do you want to know more about Dollylocks visit their site: http://www.dollylocks.com


Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Hempseed Oil*, 100% Pure Essential Oils* and Plant Extracts* -*ORGANIC


Size: 4 oz / 118 ml

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