Blue double knitted dreadlock headband / head wrap



Dreadstuff’s Dreadlock tube double knitted dreadlockwrap

This is a knitted headband that fits perfect for a dreadhead or a non dreadhead. It sits tight on your head and  keeps you dreadlocks / hair in place and keeps your ears warm during the chilly winter nights. This dreadlock wrap is a wrap that you can use in different kind of ways.  You can wrap it 2 times around your head to use it as a headband, you can use it as a bandana, you can use it as a hair elastic etc. Just use your imagination.

The size of this dreadlock wrap is: 


This headband is knitted circular in one peace out of acrylic yarn and is made by our small family owned knitting  factory in Bali.  Its 100% Directrade. This dreadlock tube head wrap is designed by Ann-Marie owner of Dreadstuff


You can also find these knitted head wraps in the colors



Collections: Double headwraps, Spring Sale 2017

Type: Unknown Type

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