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RAW ROOTs Creeps Tincture is a natural extract based on Quassia Bark which is a very effective remedy for killing head lice and it can even kill the eggs or nits.
Creeps Tincture is very easy to use, the liquid is thin and it comes with a spray pump so it can easily be distributed in the hair and on the scalp.
Creeps Tincture is an extract of Quassia Bark and organic essential oils of tea tree and lemon eucalyptus.
Quassia is a tree native to the Amazon rainforest.
Extracts made from the bark of this herb contain compounds called quassinoids, it is known to have insecticidal properties which is very useful against several types of insects including head lice.
Creeps Tincture is effective and easy to use as you do not have to comb hair.
The tincture DOES NOT need to be rinsed out and after 2 treatments, you are sure that lice and eggs are dead.
It removes and prevents new attacks – and also great for children who we do not want to fill with chemicals!
The bottle contains 100 ml.

How to use RAW ROOTs Creeps Tincture

Apply the tincture on the scalp and 10 cm out on hair and dreadlocks. Wrap the hair in a plastic bag or film.
Leave for one hour. Unwrap and let the tincture dry into the hair. Repeat after 5 days.
No need to rinse or comb.
This product contains  
Water, Alcohol, Quassia Bark Extract, Tea tree Oil*, Eucalyptus Oil*. -*Organic.
No harsh chemicals, this is natural, sustainable and much more ethical than using a conventional treatment.

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