Nomadu Handmade dread beads

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Lovely handmade beads from Portuguese Nomadu Jewelry. Both vegan and real leather. Comes in 10 and 12 mm in diameter. Sold in sets of 3.

Vegan leather beads are a little lighter in color while the leather ones are darker.

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Vegan Blue 10 mm, Leather Blue 10 mm, Vegan Brown 10 mm, Leather Brown 10 mm, Vegan White 10 mm, Leather White 10 mm, Vegan Tan 10 mm, Leather Tan 10 mm, Vegan Green 10 mm, Leather Green 10 mm, Vegan Blue 12 mm, Leather Blue 12 mm, Vegan Brown 12 mm, Leather Brown 12 mm, Vegan White 12 mm, Leather White 12 mm, Vegan Tan 12 mm, Leather Tan 12 mm, Vegan Green 12 mm, Leather Green 12 mm

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