Knottyboy Pre- Dread soap

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This is  the tiniest shampoo bar we have in stock. But it’s for an amazing purpose!

Scrub that hair with the all-natural Knotty Boy Bee-Washed Pre-Dreading & De-Waxing Soap, leaving it squeaky clean and ready for dreadlocking.. Full of nutrient-rich Essential Oils and Red Earth Clay, this mini-bar helps to gently wash away natural oil build-up that conditions your hair and works against the locking process, while keeping the hair itself healthy and strong.

Also leave Knotty Boy Bee-Washed Soap Bar by your sink for washing up sticky hands after Wax applications. Ta-daa! Wax ‘bee’ gone!

Note: Bee-Washed Bar is not strong enough to remove Wax from dreadlocks.