Knottyboy MISTic Refreshing Spray

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This is the remedy for the days when you can smell that wild party in your locks, even days after! This is a powerful and just plain amazing hair deodorizer and shampoo-less cleanser that refreshes and cleanses ALL hair types. It’s an instant refreshing spray actually kills odor- causing bacteria upon contact  by using Silver Citrate. This fantastic spray keeps your dreads fresh longer between washings.

This spray is also designed to make your hair more supple, seal hair follicles and also helps retain hair color.

This is the perfect product if you want your dreads to feel extra fresh at any given time! A few spritzes and you smell like heaven!


Scents according to Dreadstuff

Waterfall-  A sweet, cotton candy- like fabric softener scent.

Cedar Spruce- A minty- fresh walk in the forest on a perfect cold day

Satsuma Spritz-  Someone have filled a bottle with liquid orange blossoms!




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Waterfall, Cedar Spruce, Satsuma Spritz

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