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Knotty boys tightening gel is a lightweight transparent gel with a lovely scent of lime that will help you take loose hair that you want to direct to the right dreadlock. The gel will help hold these irritating hairs down and by using this gel you will also get tighter dreadlocks and one of the best parts of all is that the locking process will start faster. So by using this great dreadlock product, you will get nice looking fresh dreadlocks very faster! Another great thing is that it leaves a very fresh nice smell.

So what makes this a great product? Knotty boy tightening gel contains pure Aloe Vera Gel and Citrus Oils and combined in a smoothie of Vitamins, Hemp Seed Oil and other good stuff for maximum hair repair and that helps your lovely dreadlocks to lock up and become healthy fresh looking dreads! This dreadlock product does not contain any harsh chemicals that are bad for you or nature.

Who is this for? Any dreadhead that has all human dreadlocks that want to get tighter dreadlocks. NOT for synthetic dreads. If you have a very dry scalp, be careful to get the gel onto the scalp as it can make your scalp drier.

Are you hesitant towards knowing if this dreadlock product works for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you in what dreadlock products work for you and not.

How to use it: To get the most effect on Knotty Boys tightening gel wash your dreadlocks with a good dreadlock shampoo, towel dry your dreadlocks and use this gel when your dreadlocks still are damp.

Take some gel out of the jar, and apply it over your hands so you have is all over your hands, you can rather use knotty boy tightening gel when you Palm roll your dreadlocks or you can apply it on top of your head to make the crown to tame loose irritated hair. You can apply this either on wet or on dry dreadlocks.

You can let the dreadlock gel either air dry info your dreadlocks or you can blow dry it into your dreadlocks. Make sure that you put the blow dryer on low and don’t use to much heat!

Do you need a tightning spray for your dreadlocks? With help of knottyboy tightning gel, water and a spray bottle you can make a great tighning spray. Just take some gel into The spray bottle, add water on it at least 4 Times’ more water than gel. Shake The bottle until you have a mixed tightning spray, you can use this spay as much as you want, it will help you spead up The locking process and makes your dreadlocks tight and nice.

Do you want to see more instructions on how you can use this product then watch the video below! 

sustainable dreadlock product

More about Knotty Boy: Knotty Boy was one of the first dreadlock product brands that started to make all natural dreadlock products they are from Canada and made in Canada. Their philosophy is to make all natural dreadlock products that you can use on yourself, in nature and that is degradable. They also use ingredients that are local. Do you want to know more about Knotty Boy visit their site: http://www.knottyboy.com

Ingredients: 100% Pure Aloe Vera, Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lime Essential Oil

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