Knottyboy Liquid dreadlock shampoo

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Are you looking for a great dreadlock shampoo that will deep clean your dreadlocks and make them both healthy and clean?

Then Knotty Boy’s liquid dreadlock shampoo is the answer for you. This great dreadlock shampoo will gently clean your dreadlocks and at the same time help retain the nutrients and moisture in your hair.


How this dreadlock shampoo works:

Knotty Boy’s liquid dreadlock shampoo is an all-natural dreadlock shampoo that is a mixture of rosemary, tea tree and peppermint essential oils that will treat your dreadlocks with a lush cleanse. This lovely mixture will also prevent your scalp from drying and help with other skin and scalp irritations.

 Who is this for?

This dreadlock shampoo is great for dreadheads that are new, and under a year old and really need help with getting the dreadlock process started. It’s also for you that have problems with getting your dreadlocks to lock up, maybe you have really silky fine hair that barely wants to lock up. Try out this shampoo and you will notice a direct change in how your dreadlocks will lock up. Knotty Boy’s liquid dreadlock shampoo is not only good for your dreadlocks but also if you have a problem with your skin, like acne and other issues, you can wash your skin with this product and you will see a difference in how your skin appears and feels.

How to use it:

You know how to shampoo your hair? Just be a bit more careful when it comes to the rinsing. Rinse well, so no shampoo gets stuck in your dreads.

How often should I wash my dreadlocks?

This is the biggest and most common question when it comes to dreadlocks.

“Should I wash my dreadlocks, can you wash your dreadlocks…?”

The biggest misconception when it comes to dreadlocks is that the dreadlocks will fall apart when you wash them. This is not true at all! It’s actually when you wash your dreadlocks regularly that your dreads will mature and lock up!  So to get good healthy happy dreadlocks you should wash them once a week. If you are an athletic person and feel like you need to wash your dreadlocks more often then that’s fine, just remember to get your dreadlocks to dry all the way through. This is very important and also a vital part of the locking process.


Purified Water, Saponified Oils of Olive, Certified Organic Hempseed and Castor Bean, Sodium Borate (Natural Thickener) and Organic Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary and Peppermint

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