Knottyboy All Purpose Shampoo Bar

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What is this?

Knotty boy dreadlock shampoo bar is one of the dreadlock products that Knotty Boy is most famous for. And it’s one of our most sold dreadlock products. So many dreadheads can’t be wrong!

It’s a very good dreadlock shampoo for washing your dreadlocks. Knotty Boys dreadlock shampoo bar contains all natural and etheric oils that are well- known to be good for your hair and your scalp. It cleans your dreadlocks gently and lets your hair to regain the nutrition, hydrates and also prevents a dry and irritated scalp, that can lead to dandruff and other irritations. This dreadlock shampoo bar helps the dread process and helps your hair to dread when you are washing your dreadlocks.

This shampoo is so great that you can also use it to wash your body and it works great against skin problems and acne. The Knotty Boy shampoo bar is not tested on animals (I’ve washed my dogs with it…. Their coats become super soft and shiny.) and is eco-friendly, it’s so natural that you can wash your hair in a stream in the forest.

Fragrances according to Dreadstuff:

Tahitian Vanilla– A heavy vanilla scent, with a discreet note of apple pie and coffee.
Citrus Ginger– A fresh and clean lemon and ginger blend.
Black Velvet– A soft, warm yet discreet undefined scent, that is not very strong and doesn’t stay with your locks, but leaves a non- itching scalp!
Spearmint Tingle– A very Minty scent that leaves a clean feeling in your scalp.
100% Olive Oil– Yup. Olive oil. Gives you a feeling of packing your locks with hydration and nutrition.
Sandalwood– Sandalwood with a little soft touch of saw dust.
Fresh-Cut Grass– Like a sunny, warm summer day and a freshly mowed lawn. A very light scent that doesn’t stay heavily with your locks.
Patchouli Love– A heavy Patchouli and flowery scent that stays with your locks


Varies with each fragrance- please send an email for full list info@dreadstuff.com

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Tahitian Vanilla, Patchouli Love, Fresh cut grass, 100% Olive Oil, Black Velvet Charcoal, Spearmint Tingle, Citrus Ginger, Sandalwood Spice

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