Knottyboy All Purpose Shampoo Bar


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What is this?

Knotty boy dreadlock shampoo bar is one of the dreadlock products that Knotty Boy is most famous for. And it’s one of our most sold dreadlock products. So many dreadheads can’t  be wrong!

It’s a very good dread shampoo for washing your dreadlocks. Knotty Boys dreadlock shampoo bar contains all natural and etheric oils that are good for your hair and your scalp. It cleans your dreadlocks gently and lets your hair to regain the nurture and moist and also prevents a dry and irritated scalp that can lead to dandruff and other irritations. This dreadlock shampoo bar helps the dread process and helps your hair to dread when you are washing your dreadlocks.

This shampoo is so great that you can also use it to wash your body and it works great against skin problems and acne. The Knotty Boy shampoo bar is not tested on animals (I’ve washed my dogs with it…. Their coats become super soft and shiny.) and is eco-friendly, it’s so natural that you can wash your hair in a stream in the forest.


Wet your dreadlocks all the way through, take the shampoo bar and massage your scalp. You will notice that it will lather a lot directly and just massage the lather around in your dreadlocks. Don’t be afraid to massage the scalp so you get your dreads clean all the way from scalp to ends. This helps you get rid of flakes and other skin deposits that sticks to your dreadlocks if you don’t give them a great scrub! Remember that the rinsing part is the most important part of washing your dreadlocks, you have to make sure that you get all the shampoo out of your dreadlocks so it doesn’t dry inside of your dreads. When you are done with the rinsing part, twist and squeeze your dreadlocks to get so much water out of them as possible and they will dry quicker.

How often can I wash my dreadlocks?

You will soon find a rhythm that works for your dreadlocks. We recommend that you should wash your dreadlocks about once a week. You will see that if you do this on a regular basis your dreadlocks will dread faster and go tighter.  This dreadlock shampoo because the composition of ingredients help them to dry quicker.


Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Castor Bean and Hemp, and Organic Essential Oils of Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree

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Tahitian Vanilla, Patchouli Love, Fresh cut grass, 100% Olive Oil, Black Velvet Charcoal, Spearmint Tingle, Citrus Ginger, Sandalwood Spice


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