Dread Empire Botanical Serum

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This is like an over all good stuff bottle, not just for your hair, bur also for the rest of you!
Sooo many nutrients with rehydration and skin soothing power! Brings instant relief to dry and irritated scalps, and helps with dandruff!


How to use it (By Dread Empire)

Scalp: Massage a small amount of serum into the scalp. How regularly it needs to be applied is dependent on your skin and hair type. It can be applied as often as desired and if too much is applied, it can be removed through shampooing. Additionally, itchy scalp and dandruff can also occur as a result of not shampooing regularly enough. It is a misconception that you should stop or scale back shampooing once you have dreads. True dandruff is thought to occur as a result of sensitivity to a yeast called Malassezia Furfur that naturally exists on the scalp. This sensitivity can lead to the growth of extra skin cells that collect and flake off. Since Malassezia feed off the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, regular shampooing with Dread Empire’s Anti Dandruff Shampoo and using Botanical Oil’s anti fungal powers will assist in controlling the population of Malassezia whilst removing the debris and flakes.

Dreadlocks: Botanical Serum will rehydrate hair to improve strength and elasticity and soften dreadlocks. Palm roll a small amount of serum into dreadlocks and leave in. It can also be used as a pre shampoo treatment to soften dreadlocks by palm rolling a larger amount of oil into dreadlocks and then follow with a shampoo 2-3 hours later. In the event too much is applied, it can be removed through shampooing. It is best suited to those whose dreadlocks are mature and not prone to knots slipping out.

Face: Massage a pea size amount of serum into the face and décolletage each night.

Body: Masssage serum into body as often as desired.

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