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Dollylocks – Dreadlocks tightening spray -is a tightening spray that will help your irritating fly hair that is a dreadheads nightmare to start to dread together with your dreadlocks and it will make your dreadlocks mature much faster than what it normally will. The best of all you will smell of rich aroma similar to incense or fresh linen.

It has a unique blend of organic ingredients that are designed to moisture, balancing and soothing your dreadlocks and this is why this makes this dreadlock tightening spray one of a kind.


Who is this for?

Both new dreadheads and you with mature dreadlocks can use this great dreadlock tightening spray. There are always a fixed selection of tightening sprays, but there are also a LIMITED EDITION that varies every season.

Do you have dandruff? Then you should give this spray a go, the heavenly mixture of essential oils and plant extracts are designed to tighten your dreadlocks, strengthen your and and nourish your scalp and the best of all help you to prevent dandruff!

Make sure that you shake the tightening spray thoroughly. Spray it onto your dreadlocks and scalp, you can do this both when your dreadlocks are wet and when they are dry. There is no limit on how much you can use this spray! Every hour, every day, every year… its up to you! This is a leave-in dreadlock spray so you don’t need to wash it out between using it.




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