Demo Products




These are products shown by me to customers in person. The only issue with these products are that they are opened by me, to let customers smell them pre- purchase. Same amount product to a reduced price!

Every time I go somewhere for a few days, I bring one of each from my entire stock if I meet up with a customer or get an order from someone who is close to where I am headed. What can be better than home delivery 20 mins after placing your order? Better than pizza anyway!

For information on each product, see their own sections as this is a little of everything.

Additional information


Vanilla Twist Conditioning oil, Rosemary Peppermint liq. Shampoo, Tea Tree Spearmint liq Shampoo, Lavender Sky lie. Shampoo, Ltd ed: Buds and Blossom Tightening Spray, Coconut Lime Tightening Spray, Patchouli Fields Tightening spray, Unscented Tightening Spray, Lavender Sky Refreshening Spray, Ltd ed: Herb Garden Refreshing Spray, Tea Tree Spearmint Refreshing Spray, Coconut Aloe Lime Tightening Gel

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