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"Thank you! The cap is nicely soft and it has plenty of space for my dreads. Fast shipping!"

"Best made, best quality, best fit of any Locks hat I've ever owned. I will buy all my hats from this store from now on!"

"LOVE THE HAT !! It fits great!! A++++++++++++++ SELLER,RECOMMENDED!!!"

"best dread hat ever. I have bought way too many hats that said they were large, and they never fit over my gigantic head. this hat fits, is soft, is stretchy, and is really perfect. thank you!"

"perfect! just like the picture"

"Fast shipping & excellent fit."

"It is the best headband/head scarf I have ever owned. I absolutely love it! the only thing I didn't like was how long it took to get to me but since it came from another country I imagine it was an acceptable amount of time"

"Excellent craftsmanship & customer service. Shipping from Sweden to Canada only took approx 1 business week. Will definitely be purchasing more items from this store in future based on friendly customer service alone. Quality of product is top notch / super comfy."

"This item works great for style and to help hold back your dreads. It is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Dreadstuff!"

"Ok so it took forever to come through customs, but it was well worth the wait. My fiance wanted this hat and I got it for him and he loves it. It fits well it looks awesome and seems to be made very well. The customer service is very good also. So overall when he needs a new hat I will be ordering another one from here."

"Best hat out there. I've tries several other brands, and none of them come close to being as well made and useful as these!"

"I LOVE MY NEW BEANIE !!!!!! actual best dred beanies ive ever had, not too tight, not too lose!"

"The hats are great (albeit, a little larger than I expected). The material is of an extremely high quality and the colors are vibrant and exactly the colors described. Along with all of this, Dreadstuff had my hats out to me in the blink of an eye. I expected a longer wait, from Sweden all the way to Japan. But they were here within days. I will definitely be making more purchases from Dreadstuff in the future!"

"Great headband + arrived sooner than expected, thanks! :)"

"Great item ! Fits perfectly and renders very well in both "locks hanging out" and "all hair stuffed inside the hat" modes. Definitively solves any "No hat will ever again fit on my head" issue. Looks solid and well-crafted, too.The delivery delay was terrible, though (for a Sweden -> France travel), and the posten.se tracking service is crap. But that has nothing to do with the product, which was sent 2 days after ordering. So yeah, five stars to Dreadstuffs !"

"I adore this headband! I'm a baker so I own a bunch of headbands, but this one is my favorite! I get tons of compliments on it! Can't wait to buy more!"

"Really well made with a great knit. I wear this everyday because it is so comfortable and warm for the winter! Looking to buy a couple more in different colors soon."

"Finally a slouchy hat that contains all of my hair!! I am very pleased with the fit of this hat and it looks great on me. I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks again!"

"Big Dread Hat arrived exactly as described in advertisement. Very fast post, considering distance between seller and destination.
Very good experience, happy customer. Will shop here again."

"Knotty boy dreadlock shampoo bar:
Like it. Very good for my dreads that I have had for more then eight years and the shampo bars/ Christer"
"Knotty Boy - Sandalwood Shampoo Bar. Great shampoo.. The whole family use it :-)"