Seienstyle dreadlock salon in Stockholm Sweden



Were you can find Seienstyle: 

Seienstyle AB

Alviksvägen 65

167 53 Bromma


(Attention Seienstyle is nowadays a private salon, you have to book an appointment to come and see us. Please give us a call at: 0723886721 to book an appointment)

Phone Hours:

Monday to Friday 11-18, Swedish time

Attention! Call if you have any questions, text messages will not be answered! 

Phone: 0723886721




What do you offer: 

Dreadlocks, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock extenders, dreadlock extensions, synthetic dreadlocks, dreadlocks wraps, hair extensions, etc.


What techniques do you use when you make dreadlocks:






What training do you have:


Some samples of dreadlocks with extensions that are made at Seienstyle:

Some samples of dreadlock maintenance that are made at Seienstyle:

Some samples of dreadlock extenders that are made at Seienstyle: (insert a gallery with pics of dreadlock extenders made at Seienstyle)


Some samples of synthetic dreadlocks that are made at Seienstyle:


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