Puk Dreadmaking Dreadlocks in Italy

Puk Dreadmaking:

You can find more info, pics etc about my works here: http://rastadread.prophpbb.com/topic6728.html

I do: Dreadlocks, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock extensions. Where: Bologna (Italy), and Monopoli (Bari area, Italy)

I did this job since 11 years. In summer of 2003 I started do my own dreadlocks, that I ever maintain by myself (as long as I get, while February of this year) and automatically started to do dreadlocks for other people, coming from every place throughout Italy and sometimes from foreign countries too. I did in this lapse of time something like three hundred works of dreamaking that made me essential experience that is needed to do this job. I do it with passion, sacrifice, and desire to improve day by day.

My happiness is given by my client attachment, that often becomes good friendship.

Techniques: Hands and crochet hook. No products addiction.

Phone: 3282549144

Email: vaffanchiappuk@libero.it

Web: http://rastadread.prophpbb.com/topic6728.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PukDreadmaking?ref=hl