Proud Dreadhead!

Hi all Dreadheads!

One of our missions here at Dreadstuff is to spread the word that dreadlocks are a lovely healthy way of wearing your hair and that you should be proud to be a Dreadhead!
To celebrate this we started a campaign called “Proud Dreadhead” on Instagram, facebook, Twitter and tumblr.

Now we want to invite You to join our “Proud Dreadhead” campaign!

Email your pics to: or tag yourself as: #prouddreadhead on Instagram and I will choose some of the pics and post them there.
Please use pics where your face is showing.

On the 22:nd of every month the pic with the most likes on Instagram, from that same month, will be on our next monthly postcard!

We are looking forward to see your dreadlocks pics =)

Show that you are a “Proud Dreaded” and let’s all help change peoples perception about Dreadheads!




We have gatherd all of our proud dreadhead pic here so you can fin them in one place.