Nicole's Dreadlock Story


Dreadlock Story Nicole

Dreadhead Nicole 01

What is your name?

My name is Nicole Mercedes:
Instagram is @turwaithielle, Tumblr is, and

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Toronto Canada and have lived there since!!
I'm a musician and an aspiring yoga teacher as well as an artist.
I don't feel like anyone should be limited in life, and I think trying anything that attracts you is very important for the fulfilment of your happiness!!
I am inspired by everything and anything, but mostly music, art and the divinity of this beautiful earth!!
I've also always been very inspired by fantasy, specifically any of J.R.R Tolkien's works as well as World of Warcraft.
My hobby/ my plan for the future is music, and I am manifesting a healthy and abundant career as a musician :)

Dreadhead Nicole 02

What makes you happy?

Living, mystical beings, friends and family and music and art!

How old are your dreadlocks?

I've had dreads around 3 times before i believe, I had one for nearly a year and then combed it all out to have a fresh start.
The current baby saplings I have right now are just over two months old!!

Dreadhead Nicole 03

Why did you get dreadlocks done?

I have always loved dreadlocks on people and I think they're extremely beautiful.
I've been inspired by so many dreadheads but I think the one who made me decide to get them for real was @otekah_ on instagram!
I think dreadlocks for me are my way of letting my inner self flow out creatively through me, and it's also me trying to get over caring about what people think of me.
Spread that self love yo!

Dreadhead Nicole 04

How are your dreadlocks made?

I made them at home by myself with the backcombing and crochet method.

How many dreadlocks do you have?

Just over 16, I think 18 or 19?

How do you take care of your dreadlocks?

I'm really bad with maintenance actually, but because I'm not full head dreadlocks I have to wash my hair my usual amount of times( which wasn't often before anyways because I'm lazy oops) so usually once every 3 days I will wash my hair with cruelty free shampoo :)
I'm going to try to get a deep cleanse in there at least once a month.
And additionally, I sometimes crochet the lumps that I want to get rid of in the maturing baby dreads :)

Dreadhead Nicole 05

Do you have any personal tips about dreadlocks that you want to share with other dreadheads?

I have no tips as I am extremely unexperienced!
I think for new dreadheads I'd just like to say dont let people make you feel bad about your decisions.
Everyone is different and opinions are completly subjective!

Have you experienced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?

Unfortunately yes, and sometimes it's even just me projecting my insecurities on others.
All in all, people dont really care all that much!

What is your favorite dreadlock product?

I haven't purchased dreadlock products before, but hopefully I'll get too!
I usually just get strings and beads I find around and shove em' on my dreads!

Dreadhead Nicole 06

Who is your favorite dreadhead?

Every lovely fellow dreadhead is beautiful!

Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is doubtful?

Do things for yourself because other people's opinions don't matter.
Love yourself and do what you feel in your heart!
If you are unsure, then wait a little bit and meditate on the idea of having dreads. It surprisingly turns into quite the spiritual experience!
If you are impatient like me, try getting them (know that baby dreads arn't too fabulous all the time, but it'll get there) and then if you dislike them for any reason you can always brush them out!! (you don't actually have to shave your head to get rid of them btw!)

How would you describe a perfect day in your life?

Vibin' in nature with friends and family and dancing and doing yoga and playing music, but also alternatively sitting in my studio and producing music!! :)
Variety man!