ISIS KNOT DREADLOCKS Dreadlock salon in Australia



BIO: Isis Knot was created in 2007. Creator Erin Skill saw the need for a reliable, clean and professional service to recreate the individual look that she and others could enjoy.

Once choosing Isis Knots services one will never have better love and care taken for their hair.

What sets Isis Knot apart from other dreadlocks is the quality and love of the work; the results speak for themselves with years of experience and a superior technique crafting locks that are part of you for years to come. Informative and honest consultations place importance on finding the best options and ongoing care to keep your hair healthy and happy.Isis Knot makes your hair needs the main focus.  Each head of dreadlocks is customised for the individual, to create a look with your hair that is as individual as you are.  Located on the beautiful Gold Coast Qld.


Were you can find us: Gold Coast Qld

Phone: 0439708537







What do we offer: 

HALF HEAD OF DREADS: If you are not sure if you would like to commit to a full head of dreads, we can put in however may you want where you want, weather it is rows along the bottom, underneath, or a few scattered around here and there to see how they feel

SINGLE DREADLOCKS: Want just one or two dreads? Make any size and place that you would like
SINGLE DREAD EXTENSIONS: Extended you single dreadlocks to bring them down to the same length as your hair or a little longer
REMOVING DREADS: If your time for dreadlocks is over and you are not into cutting your hair short or shaving it, we offer the service of brushing out your dreads so you have your hair back!
BEADS & ACCESSORIES: Want to stylise and individualise your hair? We have a range of beautiful beads, feathers and accessories to add to your dreads. 
WOOLEN DREADLOCKS EXTENSIONS: Want to have the Dreadlock look without actually having dreads? Get these beautiful woolen dread extensions. In a range of colours and lengths cut to suit your hair. These extensions last around the same time as feather extensions. When taken care of properly can last up to 2-3 months, and they are reusable!
CALLOUT: The business is based however if you are unable to travel we are able to drive to you for a call out fee depending on the service being provided, anywhere ranging from Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane.




What techniques we use when we make dreadlocks:Using only a crochet hook Isis Knot create tight neat amazing dreadlocks, any size or thickness desired. With a perfect technique practiced over years, the hair is looped over itself creating a tight shape with no hair breakage. Then using the crochet hook the dread is tightened. This technique means less mess and less shrinkage of the hair.  Using no products and chemicals this is a totally 100%natural permanent way of dreading that will last forever.

Extensions are crocheted into the already existing or newly made dreadlocks, the hair over time will naturally compact like the rest of the dread. Same colour cotton is then sewed onto the attachment. This sewing in ensures that extensions do not come out. The cotton is barley visible once set and makes for more permanent extensions.

What training do you have: 100% self taught, 7 years experience with a technique changed and perfected over time




"Isis Knot Dreadlocks are the bees knees! Erin was my 'go to' goddess on the Gold Coast
 she made my look super neat and worked super fast. Love these guys."


"Madame Skillz from Isis Knot Dreadlocks works magic. As an 8 year
dready who's tried a number of different maintenance techniques
through a variety of stylists; Hands Down Erin is the best. She is
the fastest, most accurate stylist with the best technique. She does
such an amazing job, and works so fast that I spend less money per
session and require maintenance less often through the grace of her
Mad Skillz. From the US to OZ, Isis Knot Dreadlocks is by far the
best place to go for dreads"