How to remove dreadlocks without cutting off your hair!


One of the biggest myths about dreadlocks is that you can't take them out. Most people say that you have to shave your dreadlocks of.
This is not true!
If you have patience and some nice cool friends, or if you can bribe someone in your family that can help you, you will be able to get out a lot of your dreadlocks.

We offer some products that will help you to soften up your dreadlocks so you can easily comb them out.
If you want help or advice on how to do this don't hesitate to contact us and we will guide you on how to take out your dreadlocks!

You can find Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit here in our shop:

This is Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit.
Yes you read it right, if you get tired of your dreadlocks you can get them out without shaving off your hair, as many believe is the fact that day you do not want your dreads anymore.
Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit includes a deep cleansing and moisturizing shampoo that helps to dissolve your dreadlocks and a conditioner that with a little patience and dedication, will be able to dissolve your dreads.

This is how you use Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit to take out your dreadlocks.

What you need is:

1. A kit of Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit.

2. A steady comb, it works best with a pin-comb so you can split the dreadlocks properly. It is also good to have a tight comb and one that is a bit spacey, so that you can pick and choose what to use when you get to the big knots.

3. Some awesome friends who volunteer and help you is great!

4. The last thing is that you mustn’t forget is to have a lot of patience and a great mood, then you'll finally be able to get rid of your dreads!

How to do it and why is Knotty Boy's Dreadlock Removal Kit so damn good?

First I want to give you some general tips on what you can do to remove your dreadlocks.
The first thing to consider is if you are really, really sure that you want to get rid of your dreads?
Many are more attached to their dreadlocks than what they think, I myself have helped clients remove their dreads and some become almost shocked on how it feels to not wear an undreaded hair.
Clearly it will feel different but you get used too quickly.

If you have time for you and have thought about removing your dreads so you can begin to make use of a very moisturizing shampoo that makes your hair smoother.
Start to wash your dreadlocks with this shampoo about 2 times a week.
Between washings, you can also drown in the first decimeter to the head with a hydrating conditioner, it works even with a conditioner.
Let it sit for a while so it may do its magic, up to an hour or so for it to take effect.
Then wash out the conditioner / pack with the moisturizing shampoo.
You can do this repeatedly for a few weeks before you start taking out your dreadlocks.
You will notice that the outgrowth becomes much softer and looser very quickly, you can even take and start dissolving the dreadlocks in the scalp as if you are sitting and watching television, train rides, etc. when you have some free time.
What you do then is to separate the dreads at the root, pull out the small hairs on and see if the dread no release.
You will notice very quickly how to do this in order to get them to dissociate themselves.
You can also just stick a finger through the root of dreaden and pull to separate it and bit by bit, pull apart the dread.

When the big day are here it is important that you have much time at you, little help of someone friend and a comfortable chair, couch or bed to sit in, for you will keep on a good while.
It is also good if you have access to water or a shower so you can rinse your hair.
If you think it is too big a job to do everything in one day you can of course break it down to several days, otherwise it can sometimes feel like an eternity project.

Step by step how to use Knotty Boy - Dreadlock Removal Kit!

1. Soak your dreads in water as hot as you can handle, it must be super hot for it to work!

2. Scrub your scalp and your dreads with the shampoo from Knotty Boy - Dreadlock Removal Kit

3. Rinse all shampoo thoroughly. It is important that you really get out all the shampoo!

4. Rub removal balm on your dreads. It might be smart to take two, three dreads at a time and massage the conditioner on, and not over the hair directly. Don't rinse out the conditioner from your dreadlocks.

5. Start at the top of your dreadlocks, using the metal part of a pin comb, split the dreads and unclenched them. Unwind to comb out dreadsen part by part. Just keep doing this until you have come to the root of the hair.

6. One thing to keep in mind is that when your hair is wet it becomes elastic and a little fragile, so to have the conditioner in this package will make it much easier to get out tangles and you do not break off as much of your own hair. Another thing to remember is that you will comb an incredible amount of loose hair, this is all the hair that you lose naturally while you have your dreads and now are stuck in them. One should always keep in mind that you normally lose 100 hairs a day, and depending on how long you have had your dreads you can roughly calculate how much hair to be out of your dreadlocks.

7. Remember that once you have managed to get out of your dreads so it is important to continue combing your hair regularly every day, and to use the conditioner when you wash it, because now is the time to get your hair to not be dreaded any longer. You will notice that your hair will automatically try to dread again, so it's important to try to prevent it as much as possible.

8. It might be a good idea to cut a new hairstyle of hair that you have left, because it will be a little worn when you are finished. But you need not worry that you would have to shave off all your hair!

9. If you have tested this product, feel free to come up with tips and ideas to others about how you got out of your dreadlocks, often even before-and-after pictures, it's always fun!

If you have any questions about how to take out your dreadlocks or other related questions about dreads don't hesitate to contact us.

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