How to make fishbone braids with dreadlocks


How to make a fishbone braid out of your dreadlocks

To learn how to make fishbone braids out of your dreadlocks can be a bit tricky but once you trie it out a fwe times Im sure that you will get a hang of it!

If I would explain it in an easy way its almost like doing a regular braid but you take fwer dreadlocks at the time and also how to hold your hands is a bit diffrent.
Check out the video below to learn how to make these lovley braids!

Do you like this dreadlock tutorial and get a great result in how you can make this on your dreadlocks, please post pics of your dreadlock fishbone braids on our facebook or hashtag them #dreadstuff_com on instagram and they will be shown of here on our first page! We love to se how you can make this to your own style!