How to make dreadlocks

Are you thinking of getting dreadlocks done? Then you have really come to The right place! 

Either if you are all new to dreadlocks or if you read all there is to find on the internet regarding dreadlocks you might already understood there is a long list and diffrent ways that you can make dreadlocks on and reading and seeing all the information out there can be confusing to say the least. 
Here under each section we have listed diffrent methods of doing dreadlocks. You can find both pro and cons to do dreadlocks in diffrent ways.
The most important thing to think of is what type of dreadlocks do you want in the future?
What do you want your dreadlocks to look like?
The best recommendation I also have for you is loads of patience!
how to make dreadlocks the knotty boy way