How to make a dreadlock wrap / hair wrap

This is what you will need to make a thread wrap / dread wrap / hair wrap to have as a lovely  decoration in you hair.


1. String, yarn, thread, plastic bands, or other things that you have lying around at home. 

2. Beads and lovely charms.

3. Glue

4. Hairpins or hair elastics 

Some inspirations on what you can use:



Decide on the type of string that you are going to use for making the wrap and also if you want to attach some beads and charms on there as well.  


Cut the string so its so long that if the roll is on the floor it will come up to your waist and down back to the floor.  You usaly use more string that you think you will need. But its all worth it in the end!

1. Start with making a braid with your hair and the string that you want to use. Attach the braid with one of the strings by tieing aroud the braid. 


2. Start by doing a knot that is based on a knot called chinese staircase knot. This is step by step in photos how its made!

3. Keep on doing these knots until you are happy with the length of the hair wrap. You can when you want attach a bead or charm on one of the strings to get it to look extra nice.

4. End the dreadlock wrap with making a knot in the end. Ad some glue in the end of the knot to make the dreadlock wrap last longer.

5. Have fun, play around with colors, beads and charms. It can take a few tries before you get the hang of making these. 

Here is the hole video on when I was making a hair wrap on Louise hair. Note its a very long video on how I make the hole thing and Im showing you the hole process so you can understand how its done and inspiration for you on how you can make this yourself.