How to dry dreadlocks in a warm climate

How to dry dreadlocks in a warm climate 

One of the most important things to do when it comes to dreadlocks is to keep them healthy and clean. To wash them on a regular basis with a shampoo that helps the hair to dread is also important, because if you just rinse your dreadlocks with water you won’t get the sweat, grease, flakiness from the scalp out of your scalp and all of this will end up inside of your dreadlocks and all this together can cause smelly dreadlocks.

The drying part of having dreadlocks is also important for the dreadlock possess. 

If you live in a hot climate (over 25 Celsius) or if you have the luck of being able to go on a holiday in a lovely hot climate and need to dry your dreadlocks this is an easily way of doing this. 

When you have washed your dreadlocks and stand in the shower twist your dreadlocks in a big twist to get allot of the water out. Try to squeeze out so much water out as you can.

Put a towel on to get allot of the water out as well, make a big turban with the towel and have it on for at least 10 minutes to get the water out fast. 

Now go out in the sun!  Use the sun to help your dreadlocks to dry faster.  Try to shake your dreadlocks a bit so you will get allot of air in to your dreadlocks and do another big twist of your dreadlocks and squeeze once again allot of the waster out of your dreads. Now just sit in the sun and enjoy the warm weather or take a walk in the sun and you will see within a few hours your dreadlocks will be completely dry. 

For me back in Sweden my dreadlocks takes about 10 hours to dry if I don’t do anything to them. Now when i was on holiday my dreadlocks dried within 2 hours from washing. I could really get use to this! :)


Don’t forget to palmroll your dreadlocks while they are still a bit damp it’s a good way of keeping them looking great. A full tutorial on how to palmroll your dreadlocks can be found here:

One big reminder to you all. Wash your dreadlocks in the morning and not at night. This is because if you go to to bed with damp /wet dreadlocks and do this on a regular basis it can sadly end up with that you will start to have dreadlock that smells like a wet dog. This is because it takes to long for them to dry and no one wants to walk around with hair that smells very bad.