How to crochet dreadlocks

How to crochet dreadlocks

One of the methods that works wonders if you have loose hairs sticking out of your dreadlocks is to crocheting the loose hair into the dreadlock in by using a crochet hook. By crocheting in the loose hair in to the dreadlock you can make them look tight and nice again and no irritating loose hair sticking out of them.


-What you need to do this is a dreadlock that need some fixing.

-A crochet hook, we offer s wide range of crochet hooks that you can use to crochet your dreadlocks with, If you are new to this and not use to using a crochet hook I highly recommend to use a crochet hook that is over 1mm in size when you are use to crochet your dreadlocks you can go down in size.

-One other big thing that you need to be able to do this is patients! You will need some, trust me, its good if you also have some craft hands as well.


So how does it work?

Well when you need to pull in loose hair into your dreadlocks you stick in the crochet hook in the opposite side of the dreadlock, pick up the loose hair, and pull thru, its really important that when you pull the crochet hook back true the dreadlock you need to pull out the crochet hook in a 45 degree angle because then the crochet hook will not get stuck into the hair. When you’ve done this turn the dreadlock pull the loose hair thru once again until there is no loose hair left.

So the trick is that you weave the hair back and forth inside the dreadlock until there is no loose hair left.


When you are finage with crocheting your dreadlock you can palm roll your freshly crochet dreadlock so the hairs get a great rub inside yof your dreadlock. If you want to learn how to palm roll your dreadlocks please visit: and you will learn the right way of palm rolling your dreadlock!


If you want to see the detail in the pictures you can push on them and they will become larger!