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Dreadlock Story Hawah

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What is your name?

My name is Hawah, I'm 23 years old, and you can find my Instagram here : https://instagram.com/amkha.svadhina

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in the South of France, near Toulouse, with my boyfriend.
I am at the university; having made a Bachelor's degree in Spanish language, I am now in Bachelor's degree of Sciences of the Education.
Close by, I am educational assistant in a middle school, and I make dreadlocks ( you can find my page here -> https://www.facebook.com/HawahyahDreads-636123786464573).

I am fascinated by the physical modification under all its forms. I am tattooed and I plan to cover my body of symbols which mean a lot to me.
I am also fascinated by esotericism, sacred geometry and very attracted by figures and legends of the Hinduism, what urged to me to travel in Asia.
I like traveling, lira, I like the air plants (tillandsias) present in all my house, I like stones, nature, art... and psytrance!

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What makes you happy?

I am all the time happy. I am happy when I make a success of a drawing, when I eat a good pizza or sushis.
I am happy when my love embraces me tenderly or when I find my friends. I am happy when I meditate or when I find a new book to be read!
I think that the happiness lives in the simplicity, to live it "at the present moment".

How old are your dreadlocks?

My dreads has between 4 and 6.5 years.
I began with the nape of the neck, to raise little by little.

Why did you get dreadlocks done?

For me, dreads was an obvious fact.
A tribute to my Guyanese family, to the people of my family who always wore them, a tribute to my father, whom I lost 17 years ago.
And then, with my frizzy hair, there is nothing else to make!
I made numerous attempts, being younger.

Dreadhead Hawah 03

How are your dreadlocks made?

I made my dreads with several techniques: creping, hook...
I admit to have a little mistreated them; discoloration, tints, shortening, re-transplant...
But they are always in good shape!

How many dreadlocks do you have?

I have approximately 45 dreads.

How do you take care of your dreadlocks?

I do not really take care of my dreadlocks at the level of their aspect, I do not spend any more the hook, I do not tease any more for a long time.
On the other hand, I hydrate them a lot. I have the very dry, Afro hair, and they tend to break.
Then, I try to feed them a maximum thanks to the castor oil or the frost of aloe vera.

Dreadhead Hawah 04

Have you experienced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?

I have never had negative remarks when in my dreadlocks.
I think that it is not that a question of hair, but a whole; clothes, behavior, general aspect.
Then, I hear (understand) that people can be prejudiced, because some convey them.
So, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I am not on drugs, and I like saying it when we hint at me!
Luckily, I always had compliments.

What is your favorite dreadlock product?

I adore the soap of liquid Aleppo, which I decorate with essential oil (ex: patchouly)...
It tangles dreads and makes them quite soft!

Who is your favorite dreadhead?

I think my favorite dreadhead is Little Swastika.

Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is doubtful?

I think that dreads it is the click, that we think it hard or that we make them on a fit of madness, it is never for anything that we make them.
Without making sacred them, because I hate that, I think that the one who is ready to wear them for the real reasons will listen to his heart and will make them without having any doubt.
Every time I make dreads to my customers, they have all, unconsciously sometimes, an intimate reason which urged them to make them at this very moment.
Then I shall say simply: Listen to your heart!

Dreadhead Hawah 05

How would you describe a perfect day in your life?

For me, a perfect day begins in a hut in the trees. The birdsong, fresh breeze which makes you open your eyes.
The person who you love is there. You drink good tchai , eat some dried fruits...
You have time especially. The time to see everything, the time to meditate, to make your yoga. You have time to walk and to pay attention on every detail. Birds, river, leaves which move.
The wet smell of the foam. Colors. Then you see the world in its most perfect unity.
You see that everything is connected and that you make party of the whole, you are the Universe.
The awakening touched you, and you know that you will not suffer any more because you are not alone.
For me that's it, a perfect day!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story.
Hope your day is soft and bright. <3

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