Hair wraps / dreadlock wrap how to make one

I have a secret obsession, I just love yarn, string etc. I was playing around with some yarn I had in the salon and I ended up making a new way of making hair wraps, dreadlock wraps. It's a great way of decoration your hair or your dreadlocks with. In the video below you have a full tutorial an description on how you can make these hair wraps, dreadlock wraps at home. 

The yarn that I've used in this video is a yarn called Colinette Yarn, the type is Point 5. You can find there website here: You can use what ever yarn, string, fabric etc that you have at home no problem. Just remember to be creative!

I want to see your pictures of your hair wraps! Make sure to hashtag your photos #dreadstufftribe on Instagram or post your pictures on our facebook: or email them to us: or 

I would love to show off your hair wraps, dreadlock wraps that you made inspired by this video!