GypsyLocks Dreadlock maker in Netherlands


We offer: Dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock repair, dreadlock extensions (if brought by yourself) and synthetic dreadlocks. I’m not making real dreadlocks anymore, but sometimes I make an exception for short/thin hair. I may have more to offer, just ask!

Were: Europe, Netherlands, Hoogezand. I will come to your place if not too far and if you pay my train/bus ticket and traveling time.

Education: I learned from years of experience. Working since 2005.




Bio: I started my own dreadlocks in 2005, since then I have experienced a lot on myself, friends and later on other people who liked to have a full head of dreadlocks. I used a lot of different techniques but ended up using backcombing and crocheting for making dreadlocks.
I learned putting in synthetic dreadlocks by a pro who had her own business. My own dreadlocks are gone now, but I still love making others happy with a neat set of dreadlocks, it makes me miss my own locks less.
I’ve got years of experience, am very reliable, never miss an appointment and got a lot of happy customers from the Netherlands, but also German, Lithuanian, English and Australian.


What techniques we use when we make dreadlocks: Backcombing and crocheting