Got Dreads OG Dreadlock salon in Austria

GotDreads OG

We offer: New Dreads, Dread-maintenance, Dread-extensions, Dread-shop (Hats, Beads, etc.)

Were: Located in Austria, Vorarlberg, 6900 Bregenz, Kaspar-Hagen-Str. 2 

Opening hours:

Education: 7 years of experience



Phone:  +43 6766093646




This is Sandra & Manu running Got Dreads


Bio: My story started 15 years ago, at my first Reggae-concert. Where there were this artist with them great great Dreads! I was so fascinated, that my biggest wish was to get them for myself!
After another 6 years I was finally old enough (because of my mum) to get my Dreadlocks!!!
And that’s where my story started!!

Were you can find us:  In the center of the beautifull city Bregenz, witch is located at the wonderfull Lake of Constance! Right between Switzerland, Germany and Austria!