Gabriella's Dreadlock Story


Dreadlock Story Gabriella

Dreadhead Gabriella 01
Photo by @wuhugabuphotos

What is your name?

My name is Gabriella Huckleberry Makena (IG: @wuhugabuphotos @wuhugabu).
Vibe Good.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Spokane, Washington in ’97. I grew up spending a lot of time in Maui, HI where I learned to surf, and in Northern Idaho where I learned to ski.
My parents made sure to get me out in nature a lot as a kid.
I’ve been skiing since I was 2 which is what eventually inspired me to start taking photos.
After starting public highschool, I realized that it wasn’t for me. The kids I went with were not inspired to do bigger things than drink and party.
I ventured to Mt. Hood, Oregon when I was 15 or 16, the summer after my sophomore year.
On the last night of my month long trip there, I decided to drop out of my school, and sign up for online schooling so that I could further my career in photography.
I moved there the next winter and now I call it home. A couple years after moving there, I got my dreads!
I am now living in Lake Tahoe, going to college for photography. I shoot action sports/ lifestyle photos for a couple company’s (Tall T Productions and TreeFort Lifestyles).
I hope to one day be a paid photographer and travel around the world shooting for these company’s.
I love being outside, and enjoying the beauty in everyday.

Dreadhead Gabriella 02
Photo by @wuhugabuphotos

What makes you happy?

Good question.
I could name lots of things that make me happy; skiing, adventuring, traveling, taking photos, bonfires on the beach, sunrise, my family…
But really, any little things can make me happy.
We have the power to make every moment amazing, with each second that passes, we can choose to change our persective on our current situation.

How old are your dreadlocks?

My dreadlocks are 1 year and 3 months old!

Why did you get dreadlocks done?

Honestly, the main reason was just becuase I liked them and I never knew what to do with my normal hair.
I didn’t like washing it or brushing it either. So I figured dreadlocks were the way to go.
Now that I have them, I think I got them to provet hat someone not living a conservative lifestyle can still be successful, smart and happy.

Dreadhead Gabriella 03
Photo by @wuhugabuphotos

How are your dreadlocks made?

I went to a girl in Portland, called the Dread Goddess (highly recommended).
She seperated, twisted and lightly backcombed my hair, then used a small crochet hook to tighten them up. We didnt use any wax.
After that, I just let them dread up.

How many dreadlocks do you have?

I have 29 at the moment.
I started out with 28, then decided to add another out of the loose hair from my bangs.

How do you take care of your dreadlocks?

Maintenance wise, not a whole lot.
Every now and then I will go through and use a small crochet hook to pull in loops, or loose hair.
For my roots, I grab the dread at the base with my fingers, and rub it in a clockwise motion against my head. That gets them to knot up, and gives your hair a little more volume.
As for cleaning, I try to give them a good wash once a week in the shower. I use lavendar Dr. Bronners. It’s all natural, fair trade and makes your hair smell great.
Good reading content on the bottles too for while you’re chillin' in the shower.

Dreadhead Gabriella 04
Photo by @wuhugabuphotos

Do you have any personal tips about dreadlocks that you want to share with other dreadheads?

Dreadlocks are always changing, so don’t worry about little loose hairs, or bumps.
Over time, they naturally form into what they should be.
I like to call mine a never ending art project.

Have you experienced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?

Not a whole lot.
I was offered a job at a cafe a little while after my hair was dreaded, unfortunately they have a no dreadlock policy.
Luckily, my boss there said whatever to the policy, so it was all good.
I like to be a good worker, and all around good person so that people aren’t table to stereotype dread heads.
I think everyone can bring something to the table, I personally know a lot of highly intelligent, creative, successful dreadheads. Love to see that.

What is your favorite dreadlock product?

Aloe Vera is the only things I have used as a product in my hair.
When they were baby’s, I palm rolled them with a little aloe to make the little stray hairs stick with them.
I have about 7 beads in my hair.
They are all special to me so I can’t pick a favorite! They are all gifts from friends, family, and my boyfriend (shout out- @sammydurk on instagram).

Dreadhead Gabriella 05
Photo by @wuhugabuphotos

Who is your favorite dreadhead?

Tough one. I know lots of amazing dread heads.

Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is doubtful?

Maybe try braiding all your hair, sectioned out like you’d have your dreads sectioned out just to see what it might look out.
I’d say be completely sure you want them if you're going to commit to a full head of locks.

How would you describe a perfect day in your life?

A perfect day in my books would be waking up early to see the sunrise.
Bring along some tea, and watch the sun come up over the mountains, while sitting next to my love.
Then going home, and warming up before skiing. I’d make a delicious breakfast and some coffee, and twist up some spliffs for the day.
Then head up Mt. Hood for some summer skiing while it’s still firm in the morning.
Drink a couple beers, snap some photos and head back down for a sandwhich from the cafe.
Then meet up with my friends and go to some secret skate park in the woods, where all our gypsy homies camp.
Soon after, when everyone is too hot, go down to the lake for a swim and a barbecue.
After that, we would all go back down and make a raging bonfire in the rolling hills behind the gas station.
Our friends would play guitars, and drums, sing and read poems.
Then walk back home and cuddle up by the fire, only to fall asleep and wake up in that magical wonderland again.