Ellen's Dreadlock Journey

My name is Ellen and I’m a 21 year old dreadhead from Gothenburg, Sweden. Calling myself a dreadhead feels weird, there’s a lot of other words you could use to describe me but to me they all feel strange and too much of a boring title. You could call me an equestrian, nature-lover, nerd, lone wolf, hobby-chef, photographer, artist, blogger, web editor student e.c.t. But to me I’m just a person. A person whose hair is dreaded, who happen to like horses, nature, cooking, reading, the company of myself, painting and who also happens to own a camera which I use.
I simply like to do stuff that makes me happy and don’t harm others. And I also think I’m great, like really.

In the summer of 2011 I was bored one day and thought “Why not dreadlocks?” Why not indeed. So I simply searched You Tube for “How to make dreadlocks” and found a video with the Twist and Rip method and so it began, the process took about two days but that was me being lazy about it. I recommend that you ask a friend to help you out to see if you miss any loose hair.
At this time my hair was about 35 centimetre long and it got just around five cm shorter when I made my dreadlocks. My hair was normal before I suppose, quite thick but not extreme and not curly but neither super straight.
When I was done I posted the picture below on Facebook and after that all of my friends worshiped me. Kind of.

Unfortunately, being a total newbie I took bad care of my hair and didn’t realize that I had to put it up in a knot every night when I went to bed and a dread-cake took shape in my neck. I decided to take them out after three months. That took me four days and it’s the most boring thing I’ve ever done, but far from impossible. A few bottles of conditioner, a lot of cursing and looking like Hagrid for some days my hair went back to normal. After a month I made new dreadlocks in the same way as the first time. This time I took better care of them with the knot-while-sleeping-thing and I also used wax to make them tight and hard. After 5-6 months I stopped using wax and haven’t done since.

In my three years with dreadlocks I’ve only received two negative comments that’s been said to my face. If there are other ones that I haven’t heard of I really don’t care about them. The first one was from my boss at a short time job. It didn’t cost me my job or anything, she just said that she didn’t like dreadlocks. The other one was from a girl whose crush were admiring my hair. She said bugs lived in it because she once saw that on television.
I’ve never seen anyone else with dreadlocks around horses and on the dressage competitions I get a lot of looks because of my hair that’s not covered in a pretty hair decoration (since it’s impossible). But I don’t see that as a negative thing, of course you stare at something you’ve never seen before.
Most people are really positive about my hair, giving compliments and asking about it.  

Today I have 42 dreadlocks, all half dark brown, half blue/green and it’s just my own hair. They’ve been red, dark brown, orange, strawberry blonde, dark red, dark brown again but with blonde ombre, light brown, dark blonde, dark violet and now dark brown with blue/green dip dye

In the beginning I washed my hair with dreadlock shampoo to help them mature. I also used wax though I’m not a big fan of it (I don’t like my hair sticky). Today I wash it with ordinary shampoo about once a week or more seldom if I’m not planning on exposing myself to other people. Sometimes I just wash the hair around my face if it needs to be freshen up but I don’t have time for all of my hair to dry (which takes ages). I actually use conditioner as well! It makes the hair soft but there is no chance the dreads will get loose after this long time.
One of my favourite things with dreads is that the smell of shampoo stays for days!


If you want to see more of me, my face and mane, you can go to my (Swedish) blog or find me on Instagram.
Blog – Mittkungarike.blogg.se
Instagram – http://instagram.com/Rochir