Dyllans Dreadlock Journey

Tell us about your self:

I am Dylan. I live in Peabody, Ma. I'm 21 years old. I am a Hispanic male, and I'm currently a cook at an Italian restaurant called Bertuccis. Well as much as I enjoy cooking I also enjoy watching people. I like observing how humans interact with life, how they react with certain situations they're faced with, how evil they are, how kind they can be, how they just exist pretty much. We are an extravagant creation that needs to start waking up to our real surroundings, and just focus on what what's really important and that's simply is happiness.


How to find “dreadhead Dyllan” : 

If you have anymore questions you can reach me on Facebook:https://m.facebook.com/dylan.ferreras?ref=bookmark


Instagram: rastafari1993

How did your dreadlock journey start? 


I started my dreadlocks with the backcombing method. I started with about 6in of hair and lost 3in in the whole process. None dreaded hair I have wavy thick hair. I started my dreadlocks my junior year in high school that was back in 2010. I currently do not have extensions it's all my natural hair. It took about a year till my dreads fully locked.


How did people around you react when you said that you were thinking / getting dreadlocks?

 Well, when I first had the idea of getting them people were very judgmental and negative towards it. People said I was going to look like a bum, that I was never going to get a job, that I couldn't get dreadlocks because of my skin color... So that was tough on my part.

How have the reaktions been after you become a dreadhead? Do you experience that people are different towards you?

 When I first got them they did attract a lot of attention because some people could comprehend what they were seeing. As time progressed people started liking them more and more to the point were they can't see me without them... And I love that