Dreadstuff Scholarship

Dreadstuff Sponsorship

We believe in change, that all of us humans on the planet has a big part to play when it comes to take care of our planet, nature, animals and don't forget humanity.

One part of Dreadstuff is to give back in the way that we can and share our Dreadstuff to dreadheads that are doing good out there.

So a new part of Dreadstuff is our "supported dreadhead  Campaign"

So what does this mean? 

Are you a deadhead that are working on / in a project that intalis that you are making a change for our planet, nature, humans, animals , maby you are raising awarness around a particular issue etc and your want to share your project with the "Dreadstuff tribe", as a REWARD Dreadstuff will sponsor you with great Dreadstuff a way of saying that you are doing great work.

What we want you to do is tell the "Dreadstuff tribe" your story on what you are working on and why, it can be in writing and photos we are happy to see pictures and why not make a video to share with the tribe =)

We will then reward you with great dreadstuff to use during your project free of charge.

So what can this project be?

Are you doing some volunteer work with nature, animals, kids, you name it, working with a project that changes our planet. We are interested to hear what you are doing and why you think that we should sponsor you! 

Send us an email to annmarie@dreadstuff.com and tell us why you should be our next sponsored dreadhead!  (Dreadstuff will decide what projects to support and not)

We believe in change!