Dreadhead Paul Beaubrun

Pic by - Theo Dora

What is your name?

Ayibobo Dreadstuff tribe!
My name is Paul Beaubrun and i am a Zing! (A zing is someone who was born with dreads and that is not supposed to cut them) and Ayibobo means Blessings.

facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ZingExperience

Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/PaulBeaubrun

Website : http://www.PaulBeaubrun.com

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Haitian musician (guitarist and vocalist) http://www.PaulBeaubrun.com and I am based in New York. I believe that happiness is a choice, so everyday I choose to be happy and be grateful for life. Listening to music, reading a good book, keeps me inspired. Music is my main focus now.

What makes you happy?

Traveling the world, seeing new places, tasting new food, talking to new people.
Visiting a new museum and jamming with other musicians.

How old are your dreadlocks?

I’ve had my dreadlocks for 14 years. In Haiti deep in the country side, the people call dreads “Zing”!

Pic by - Benoit Grandmougin

Why did you get dreadlocks done?

I had a dream one night that someone told me that I should never cut my hair. I woke up and told my mom and she said: “You should do it”.
Since that day I have not cut my hair.
I want to say thank you to my family for the support and love.

How are your dreadlocks made?

They were separated and braided at the ends when I first began them 14 years ago, since then they naturally free form and separate as they grow.

I just ensure to use coconut oil on the roots every day as part of my morning routine to keep my dreads strong and healthy.

Truth be told, it's genetic. ­ I have very strong hair that comes from my dad and I was born with dreads.

How many dreadlocks do you have?

I have 76 dreadlocks.

Pic by - Jason Woolway

How do you take care of your dreadlocks?

I wash them and put some natural coconut oil on it to stay strong and healthy.

Do you have any personal tips about dreadlocks that you want to share with other dreadheads?

I believe your dreadlocks should reflect who you are from the inside.
Let the dreads be. Just let them be.

Have you experienced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?

I have never experienced anything like that. It’s always peace, love and harmony around.

What is your favorite dreadlock product?

I don’t use any particular product for my dreads.
I would recommend natural coconut oil.

Who is your favorite dreadhead?

My father Theodore Beaubrun Jr. “Lolo” (Boukman Eksperyans).

Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is doubtful?

If you want dreadlocks, make sure you are honest with yourself. Let your dreads express who you are. Love and protect your hair.

How would you describe a perfect day in your life?

It is simple for me. I could say: Music, Love and Family.