How to become a Dreadstuff model

Hi all dreadheads!

At the moment we at Dreadstuff are looking for our next models for our new dreadlock hats, headbands, headwraps, jewelry etc.
We need you for taking new product pictures for the webshop.

We also need some models for videos on how to maintain your dreadlocks, how to make your own dreadlocks, how to wash your dreadlocks, how to take out your dreadlocks.

We are both looking for dreadheads and non-dreadheads =)
And we are looking for both boys, girls, women and men in all ages.

You need to be used to having your picture taken, think its fun to hang out in a photo studio for a day with some other dreadheads and be able to come up to Stockholm, Sweden for the photo shoot.

It will be different dates all spring and summer 2016.
Some compensation will be made.



Boom festival Portugal 2016

Attention, we can unfortunately not pay for your traveling expenses for coming to us and be our model.

To apply - email us at:
with some pictures of you and tell us a bit about yourself, and if there's any particular pictures that you want to be in, let us know.

Ann-Marie with the Dreadstuff crew