About Dreadstuff

I who now run this webshop is called Eden, and I live in a small town on the west coast of Sweden. I grew up during the '90s and I always told my parents "I want his hair!!!" When I saw Jonathan Davies from Korn, Li'l John and even Snoop Dogg on ZTV or MTV. They never let me... One day when Mother was out running errands I made up my mind, so I made a few dreads by some improvised twist and rip- method. Mother soon found out and scolded me. *Sob*

My grown-up dreadlock journey started exactly a year ago. I contacted a good friend of mine and decided on having her transform my normal hair into dreads. I told no one. So, one day in June I got my dreads. And it was kind of now a little thought started to grow in my head. "isn't there a Swedish webshop? Where can I get some info about my dread care quick and friendly?" Months flew by and I decided on getting some maintenance by a woman in Gothenburg, Tove. A  very sore head later an idea had formed in her head. And the same Idea in mine. So we kept in touch, not just like a client- loctitian- relationship. We had the same idea, and I, who study informatics at University, and Tove who is awesome at making dreads decided to form our company out of her company name, CharmyDreads on the 1st of November 2018. 

An early morning, (those who know me knows she was risking her life, hehe) Tove called me and told me to read my mail. I was grumpy, literally fell out of bed, and tried to focus on those pesky tiny letters on my screen without glasses. We were offered to buy Dreadstuff. The store we thought was gone for good. So I swiftly called to a board meeting over Messenger video call. 10 seconds later, We replied to that offer. Dreadstuff was ours. 
My childhood dream had become reality. I was a dreadhead. A metalhead. And I owned Dreadstuff. 

Dreadstuff was formerly run by AnnMarie "Seienstyle".

We, CharmyDreads Crew, can't thank YOU enough for letting us bring you all the dreadstuff you need.

Organisation Number: 559180-0601
Registred Adress: CharmyDreads Sweden AB, C/O Folkesson, Bankogatan 10B, 31378 Göteborg

Contact: +46722492666 or info@charmydreads.com