About Dreadstuff

Do you want to have fresh and healthy dreadlocks that everyone will be in awe of?


How many times have you heard ”Can you really wash dreadlocks?” or ”Dreadlocks are dirty and disgusting!”?

We totally understand, you are not alone!

How about start using great and awesome dreadlock products that will make people with judgement towards dreadlocks instead start to compliment you on how beautiful your gorgeous dreadlocks look  =)

You have found the right place, we offer a wide range of amazing dreadlock products that will help you on your dreadlock journey.


I was a teenager in the begining of the 90s, the number one place to get inspiration from during this time was MTV (this was when mtv was all about music) to search information on stuff we went to the library. 
During this point of time I got intrested in dreadlocks I remember that I use to watch videos with simply red, Lenny kravits etc and just be in awe over their dreadlocks at this point of time I didnt know anything about dreadlocks and I don’t even think I understod that you could  have dreadlocks done. Well yes this was before you could pick up you phone and google stuff, the internet was non existing in my world as a teenager. 
Years later I went to see Sonia Petersen from Hair Police in London to get my first ever dreadlock education done.
A hole new world opend up for me.
Wow yes I could have great looking dreadlocks and I can help others to get this great hairstyle.
My hole life changede after this, I started to work with dreadlocks on a daily basis and I continued to get my education about dreadlocks and hair in general.
We started to sell some of knotty boys dreadlock products and some beads in our salon and our clients that traveled far to see me wanted to be able to order these products online this is the moment when http://www.dreadstuff.com was born. 

The plan was to share great dreadlock products  and dreadlock accesories and information about dreadlocks and inspiration for dreadheads so you don't have to go to the library and search in a dictonary what dreadlocks are like I did when I was a teenager.