Raw Roots Scalp Rescue Tonic

Raw Roots Scalp Rescue Tonic

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AW ROOTs Scalp Rescue Tonic - For dry, irritated, itchy scalp and dry dreadlocks.


This amazing combination of plant extracts helps troubled scalps by cooling, soothe, moisturise and renewed strength.

Emollient and instant moisturizing spray to dry dreadlocks.


Rescue Tonic will condition the hair deeply without detangling the dreadlocks.

The content of organic aloe vera gives hold and tighten instead of detangling the hair.


Organic Witch Hazel, chamomile, lavender, calendula and comfrey extract soothe, calms and heals the skin while peppermint instantly relieves irritation by cooling the scalp and leaves a fresh scent.


Hydrated corn, roe extract and organic aloe vera are natural moisturisers that provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect and protects scalp and dreadlocks. Extends the lifetime of hair colour and minimizes static electricity. (It also naturally protects against heat, so if you often use a hairdryer to dry your dreads after washing it is a good idea to spray Rescue tonic to damp hair before blow-drying)


Stress on the scalp is normal from time to time with dreadlocks so it is a good idea always to have a  Rescue Tonic Spray within easy reach.

How to use RAW ROOTs Scalp Rescue Tonic

(Keep cool for more cooling effect) Spritz rescue spray as needed onto scalp and locks.

Repeat until the desired amount is achieved.

For intense repair apply to dry and itchy scalp daily.