Can I swim in the ocean with dreadlocks?

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Ann-Marie Christell

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This is a question that I get a lot, yes you can take a plunge in the ocean with your dreadlocks but you have to be aware of some things.

1. When you are done swimming for the day make sure to take a shower and wash your dreadlocks with a shampoo that take away smell and bacteria. (you might come home form your holiday smelling like the ocean otherwise not so nice)

2. Make sure that you dry your dreadlocks thoroughly everyday. It’s important that your dreadlock dry completely once everyday, if the heat /weather isn’t warm enough make sure to blow dry them this is also to keep your dreadlocks healthy and prevent them from starting to mold. (Yes dreadlock can mold if don’t take care of them correctly but it takes many days of damp dreads for this process to start so don’t freak out!)

3. Salt water can make your dreadlocks shrink a bit, if you have new dreadlocks this can end up with that they become a bit uneven and bulky, take a moment on the beach and palmroll them so you prevent the bulkyness if you want to have straight dreadlocks.

Happy swimming!

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