Can I swim in a lake with my dreadlocks?

May 13, 2017

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I got an email here from Becky. She writes, I don’t remember which social media you said we could ask questions that I’m curious if I can swim in a lake with dreads and how would you take care of them in the end of the day so they don’t have that lake smell in your hair. In the video down below I will answer this question.

Hi Becky and hello other dread-heads.

Yes you can swim with your dreadlocks even if it’s in the ocean or in the lake or whatever you feel like. If you if you don’t have dreadlocks and you’re getting dreadlocks done, the first thing you have to understand when you have dreadlocks that they soak up water really really well so the first time you take a shower or go swimming don’t be shocked with the amount of weight that will add extra to your hair. So make sure you know this one. So yes you can go swimming with your dreadlocks, don’t worry about it. What I highly recommend is that you can go swimming and when you come home in the evening, go and take a shower, get an untick pictorial dreadlock shampoo. You have several of them in our online store at and wash your dreadlocks with the shampoo and make sure that you loather up shampoo a lot and then just loather the way down all the way through the dreads and rinse and if you feel that they are still a bit yucky, wash them again and you can do that like two or three times and loather off the whole head with shampoo just to make sure that the dreads are clean enough. I’ve had a lot of questions of well with if you can go swimming in the ocean. One of my favorite things to do when I’m not working is to go diving and I love to dive in saltwater and see what you can find there. And when I go diving yet it becomes really really heavy my hair, it’s crazy but in the evening after the last dive of the day I always go to the shower and shampoo my hair saltwater is good for your dreadlocks? Yes they become really really tight when you swim in the ocean. Yes but you get this like I will ocean, I will be smelt your dreadlocks so that’s why I keep on rinsing and shampoo in my dreads. After I’ve been scuba diving just there to make sure that I don’t smell because I don’t really really like it and if you and that feeling that the dreads have this yucky smell to them after you’ve been swimming in the lake or in the ocean or whatever, do adeep clean. We sell dollar locks and the toxic in our shop that you can use, they are safe to use and they’re really really good to take out all different smells out of your dreadlocks and really really clean them so I can really highly recommend that for you. So Becky I really hope this answers your question so you can go swimming in the lake, no problem. and now I want to know what more dreadlock questions do you have. I will keep on making this video for all of you guys and if you have any type of questions there please check out all my other frequently asked questions videos here on YouTube and on our website at so you can learn more about dreadlocks. So hit me with your questions, tell me what you want to learn and I wish you all a great day everyone.

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