Ellinor shares her life as a dreadhead!

October 01, 2014

What is your name: 

My name is Ellinor Kaati!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ellinorkaati


Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I live in Luleå, a city on the coast of northern Sweden. I work at a callcenter/mobile support! I answer questions about iphones and mobile broadbands.

Things that inspire me; my lovely friends, nature, the change of season.

What makes you happy:

Beautiful dreadheads, kind and smiling people, my animals, my bf,

My family! :)

I grew up here in Luleå with my family, I had a good childhood with my mum, dad and two big brothers! I kind of am the baby of my family, little sister and youngest child. I really love my family, they are very important to me!

My cat and my dog makes me superhappy, they are like my babies! My cat, Franz is a cornish rex and he is super cuddly and got a really special personality, he is almost like a human in many ways! Haha.

My dog, Chicks is a Siberian Husky. She moved in with us this summer and I love her! She inspires me to go on activities with her, like aguility and walks, and this winter we are going to go for alot of skiing! :) Luleå has a really nice ice-road at wintertime!

I love being outdoors!! :)

I always had a thing for changing my hair. Pink, turquise, purple, super-red, orange was some of the colors I had in my hair - I loved it!! But my hair got really damaged by bleaching and changing color very often and I kind of got addicted to coloring my hair (it was so much fun and pretty) so I decided to go for a strawberry blonde instead and try to leave my hair alone!

But then I had discovered the beautiful world of dreadheads, I got obsessed by how beautiful all the peepz were and I decided to get dreads!

How old are your dreadlocks? 

I have had my dreadlocks for about a year (28 october 2013)

Why did you get dreadlocks done? 

I got dreads beacuse I saw a lot of inspiring people on the internet with it, and I have always thought that it is awesome, beautiful and kind of spiritful. I never thought I would get dreads tho, haha! But I did it and Im really happy about it! :) 

Dreads are perfect for me beacuse its fun, you can make a lot of different hairstyles :) I love dreads!!


How are your dreadlocks made? 

My dreadlocks are made with backcombing and crochethook-method! I also have real human hair extentions.

I made them myself, nothing I really recommend for anyone! It is hard to get the sectioning right and your arms really hurts after a while.. Haha!

It took me about 8 hours :) my crochethook is 1.10 mm!

How many dreadlocks do you have?

I have 39 dreads! Wish I had more but yeah, love them anyways :3 my hair is kind of thin so I dont know how many more I could have squeezed in there!


Tips for other dreadheads or dreadsheads-to-be;

- If you are going to do your dreads yourself, do it properly and do not stress!! Do your backcombing good!!! :) DO THE SECTIONING CAREFULLY AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU FEEL HAPPY WITH IT BEFORE YOU CONTINUE!!!!!

Have you experieced any judgment towards you just because you are a dreadhead?  

I get mostly positive reactions from people about my hair! I love that there is like a secret band between dreadheads/girls with dreads so you say Hello or Hey out on the street without even knowing that person!! Its awesome and makes me happy :D

I have experienced that people sometimes screams after me; rasta or rastaan. I dont know if that is like a compliment or if I annoy some people with my choice of hairstyle so they are trying to make me uncomfortable by shouting when I walk by.. But I dont really care! :)

What is your favorite dreadlock product? 

I dont use any products in my hair, except dreadlock-shampoo från knottyboy! I like it, smells good :)

I have dreadbeads från dreadstuff.com and sometimes I wrap my dreads with yarn and stuff *yaay*

Who is your favorite dreadhead?  

My favorite dreadhead is my friend Linn! She is beautiful inside and out, she is a true inspiration!! She is like superwoman, such a strong girl! Her instagram http://instagram.com/omglinn


Do you have any tips and advice to someone that is thinking of getting dreadlocks but is dubtfull? 

If you want it - do it!!! Don't listen to what others think about you getting dreadlocks! It is your choiche only :)

It's an amazing journey to see your dreadlocks develope, Dreads make you happy✨


How would you describe a perfect day in your life? 

A perfect day for me would be a warm summerday with my friends or family(boyfriend). A beer on the beach some good food and lovely company :3 or maybe waking up somewhere in some exotic country and just walk around att explore the world!! :)

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