Itchy itchy scalp

Hello Dreadies!

For the last years, I have been suffering from cold allergy and eczema all over in the winter. The back of my head itches so bad it wakes me up in the night and there is ABSOLUTELY NO RELIEF. I have no lice, which was my first concern. I asked a friend to check my entire scalp and see if she saw ANYTHING. My scalp is red and VERY irritated and I have dandruff. Meaning my scalp is dehydrated and therefore brittle. So I started off by analyzing what I did BD (before dreads). I washed my hair twice a week, so back to those routines! Healthy, the non-itching scalp was more important than anything else. I also used shampoo for dry hair and itchy scalps! So what if... No. that shampoo was filled with parabens and silicones so my dreads could most likely untangle. And I don't want that. 

So I got myself a certain anti-dandruff shampoo from the supermarket, that I know works on my scalp. By now, I have gone through the entire webshop, hunting for relief at night... So knowing that this shampoo would settle ONE of my problems, it would most certainly create another... so I prepared with some Netflix and beverages and snacks. The shampoo gave me some relief and I had to give me some maintenance when done. I knew right away that I couldn't use it too often. Probably once a month. My dreads were crazy frizzy and all the loose hair!!! 

FOUR DAYS later, I was back in my itchy hell, so I ran over to our storage and grabbed the Knottyboy Cooling spray, that I knew would help. It sure did! Pure bliss!!! Unfortunately, my bed companion didn't like the peppermint scent so he complained "a bit"... Ok, new tactics. I really like to keep my relationship AND my dreads. 

I got my Dollylocks Conditioning oil and just soaked my hair in it. (The pro's of having your entire stock at home is beyond perfect in times like this...) When working in almost an entire bottle in my dreads I thought to myself "What if I HAVE a "small" problem and my VERY thirsty and dry dreads are actually making this worse? Like wool on naked skin?" So I kept working the oil into my dreads, mostly into my extensions. Smooth like a baby's butt. My hair was so oily by now that if I had leaned my head against a wall, I could have made a new window... So, time to wash it off. I let it sit for 30 mins so most of the nutrition would have time to get inside the hairs. I used a mild, hydrating shampoo that I know makes my dreads REALLY soft without untangling them at all. BINGO! When dried, my dreads were a lot less dry and almost soft like "normal" hair. 

No itching, no irritated scalp for over a week! As I have these issues, I always try to wait as long as I can with washing my hair. Smallest sign of needing to wash my hair- I go. Its stupid silly to wait. When not in panic for my crazy itch, I either use Patchouli Love or my ever loved Dollylocks Nag Champa

I know that many of you NEW dreadheads have problems with itchy scalps. don't use oil on baby dreads! Just wash them or use cooling spray. Cold water gives instant relief. My dreads are 9 months old and fully mature. My attempts to calm a VERY irritated scalp, are my own and works for ME. I write this to hopefully help someone else with these severe itching problems.

Now on to the NEXT itchy patch. A new tattoo...