About Dreadstuff

Dreadstuff have been around since 2007 or so, then owned by Ann-Marie “Seienstyle” Christell. You could find almost everything that had to do with dreadlocks as it was both a webshop and a informative blog. In 2018 Eden and Tove from CharmyDreads in Gothenburg, Sweden took over and abandoned all the informative dreadlock parts, as the internet and Youtube is filled with info on how, when, why etc. Another informative blog with a shop wouldn’t do any impact, even though Dreadstuff was the first one out there. In April 2019, Eden and CharmyDreads parted and Eden took Dreadstuff with her.

From now on, Dreadstuff is run by Eden and Mattias who answers all your calls, emails, inquiries and DMs on Social Media, when not packing your orders. From July 2019, all hats and headbands are designed by a team consisting of Eden and Lynn from Platinum Cosmetics in Stockholm.

About Eden and Mattias

Eden is raised in central Stockholm, with a hint of her parents’ demographic UN- work all around the globe.
She started her dread journey already in 1997 at the age of 13. She usually has dreads but for the moment she enjoys the freedom of “normal hair”. Eden now resides in Helsingborg together with her rottweiler Ezio.

Mattias is Eden’s ex husband and closest friend and lives in Halmstad on the Swedish West Coast. He has never had dreads, but is a skilled dreadmaker and has excellent knowledge on all products.

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