Dreadhead's Dreadlock Stories

Different dreadhead's dreadlock stories

Something that has come to our notice is on the internet is that a lot of dreadlock pictures of people are floating around and are beeing posted everywere. It ends up with no one knowing who are in these pics and also people have no respect for publishing dreadhead's pictures.

After working with dreadheads for over 13 years I know that every dreadhead that I've meet over the years have their own dread story to tell and it's a shame no one is sharing this.

So my mission with this segment on our site is to share one dreadhead’s dreadlock story per week.

We want to give a voice to all of you dreadheads out there!

Under each pic down below you can find different dreadhead's stories.

We want you to share your story! Email us and we will make it happen! =)